Monday, October 5, 2009

my little gentlemen

Jason's little Sister Ashlee got married a few weeks ago. the wedding was so beautiful! Here are a few pictures from the big day
me and stink

The nickelodeon version of footloose!

The wedding Party

Aaron is always doing his best to entertain- he usually succeeds!

Mom and Aaron

My dapper little guy

handsome little devil

this is Aaron with his cousins Cooper and Jackson they came over for a little yogurt and some fun in the sprinklers

In August we Went on our first family vacation to the lake of the Ozarks, it was beautiful, hot, humid and so much fun! Aaron and Jason caught a fish every time they threw out there line it was so much Fun being in the boat and getting back out on the water.
" El Capitain"

my sweet little Stink!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Did you go PooPoo???

Well Im sure you can guess the topic of my video by the title of my blog. Yes we are extremely refined here at the Boldt/Miller house hold. we have highly intellectual conversations about quantum mechanics, the theory of abstract molecular fractals and yes poo poo! Aaron is so funny he is talking in little sentences and the things he says and asks are hysterical!!!

hope you all like it (we cant get enough)

Monday, May 18, 2009

pic for nick


Aaron was stoked to find a half egg! and above, cookies mom, jason and myself made for Crystals kids and Aaron
Mammy (grammy) and Aaron at easter

Aaron (lowrider) stealing eggs

Daddy, Aaron and cousin Cooper

here are a few pics of easter...

Monday, February 23, 2009

pics for me sis

Dancin Apples

Hello everyone,
sorry it has taken so long to post anything new. We have been very busy here. To give you a quick recap; my mom and summer moved to Nebraska to live with us and help us with Aaron and our ADL's. We moved into a cute little four bedroom house here in Omaha and are doing well. Summer just started her new job at Buffalo Wild Wings and is so cute. Mom is a Gym junkie which is good for Aaron because he loves going to see all his little friends at the gym daycare! Jason and I are doing well Jason is working his butt off at school and spends most of his time in study groups and in his "man cave" the basement. I am now a proud employee at the Nebraska Med center and love it, the only thing that is a little hard is working nights but it has it's perks. I am also attending fulltime school and will hopefully be starting my nursing program in Aug. Here are a few pics and videos for all the family far away(all of Aaron) he is growing up so fast and says the cutest things! Im convinced he has enough energy to power the space station! He loves to run, jump, climb and hide food in the floor vents! He is the free entertainment in the Boldt/Miller household!!