Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nine mos. preg. and ready for the big day!! we will post pics of Baby Aaron when he arrives and hopefully some video!

Oh how lovely I look and feel.... I can't wait to get into shape after this is all over with. how i miss my lung capacity!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

kittybears and mountain lions!

here is our baby until our real baby comes!

jason getting baby's room ready

5 more weeks

I know I said I would post a few pregpics but i just really havnt taken any yet but here is one of our cat... kittybear after his new haircut.. I think he looks quite stylish hope all is well with everyone! jason and I are doing great im not sleeping very well and feel fluish every day and cant wait to have this baby!!! the Dr. says if he goes to full term he could very well be a 10 Lb. baby!! I hope the dr. is wrong. well hope everyone who reads this is well! here are a few pics for you.