Sunday, September 21, 2008

walking stinkers


hello everyone, sorry it has taken so long to update but we have had a lot going on.... We are now Nebraskens or Nebraskinites or somthing..... we moved to Omaha about 6 weeks ago, jason is attending University of Nebraska Omaha and I am at a community college here finishing up some prerecs.... we are staying/living with jasons sister Crystal and her family of 6 they just finished their 1200 sq ft. basement and are letting us crash here for a while... we are so happy to no longer be paying 1600 per mo for rent!!! (i was running out of organs to sell trying to come up with our monthly's) any way nebraska is beautiful!! rolling hills and corn as far as the eye can see. Aaron is now 9 months and starting walking about 4 weeks ago i have some of the first walking vids and some more recent ones.... hope you like...